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Droid Transfer


An awesome Android transfer app to connect, back up, and synchronize your Android phone

Wide Angle Software  |  1 more applications - May 1, 2020
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Droid Transfer
Price: $30.00
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When you connect your Android phone to your computer and after the required drivers are installed if it was the first time you connect it, your phone will be loaded as a storage device. You can use it just like any storage device using Windows Explorer to move, copy, and delete files. However, if you are looking for more options, you should definitely check out this review!

Droid Transfer is a Windows app that allows you to connect your PC and your Android device using a USB connection or via Wi-Fi. The installation is quite simple and you are entitled to a free trial. Alternatively, you can buy the full version for €21.00 for 2 Windows PCs. It's a one-time purchase so there are no further costs!

To connect with your Android device over Wi-Fi, you must also install the Transfer Companion app on your phone, connect to the same network, and scan a QR code. You can continue using your phone normally while managing its content using Droid Transfer. You'll need to provide some permissions to allow access to files, photos, music, contacts, calendar, messages, or call logs, depending on what you want to sync or back up.

Droid Transfer really provides many useful features. For start, you can use it to backup your contact list, your SMS, and your call logs. You can even save messages to PDF or print them from within the app. Of course, there is a file manager where you can add or delete files. Unfortunately, the only way you can add files is via the Add File button which opens File Explorer for you to select the file(s). We wish the drag-and-drop method was available to use. Also, you can't rename files or move them around the device.

What we really love about Droid Transfer is how it displays music and photos from your device. You can easily export your photo, video, and music libraries to your PC or even sync your music with a folder located on your computer. Another awesome feature is Clipboard synchronization. You can copy something on your phone and have it in your Windows Clipboard in an instant.

An app manager is also included, allowing you to manage installed apps and install apps from APK files stored on your computer. The app is great for keeping your phone and PC connected via cable or wirelessly. It executes everything perfect except maybe raw file management in terms of moving, copying, and renaming files already on the device.

• Free to try out
• Very simple to use
• Great interface to mirror your phone's content
• Sync everything from calls, messages, and contacts, to photos, music, calendar, and apps
• You can access your phone's clipboard
• Sync a music folder with your Android device
• Save text messages as PDF or print them from within the app
• No option to move or rename the files on the device
• Lacking a drag-and-drop feature to move files between your PC and your Android device


Minimum requirements

• Windows 7 or higher
• Android smartphone (with Transfer Companion installed)

Limitations in the unregistered version

• Limited to 100 copies of Music or Photos between your Android device and your PC

Additional info

Operating system: Windows

Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Downloads: 15

Downloads last week: 0

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